One Punch Man Saitama Zipper Hoodie Sweater Cosplay Costumes



One Punch Man Saitama Zipper Hoodie Sweater Cosplay Costumes

Brand: Rolecos


Material: Uniform cloth

Color: Yellow

Anime: One Punch Man

Character: Saitama

Features: The costume is very suitable for the role Saitama. It is very comfortable to wear.

Character Introduction: Saitama:The title character is a bald-headed 25-year-old man who has been bored of fighting because he is easily able to defeat enemies with a single punch.Vol. 1 He lives in an apartment in City Z. Three years prior to the start of the series (and when he had hair) he was applying for jobs as a salaryman, where he defeats a crab-like monster that attempted to kill a child.Ch. 2 He says he became a hero for the fun of it.Ch. 5 Saitama’s abilities consist of superhuman speed, strength, stamina, and durability, which he attributes to a daily training regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10 km run, eating right, and not using the air conditioner or heater to reinforce his mental fortitude.Ch. 11 He enters the Hero Association at the lowest C-class tier and rank due to his miserable performance on the written exam and essay, but had broken all the records on the physical portion of the test.Ch.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry, no bleach

Size: Asian Size, the size chart may have 1-3 cm error due to the measuring method.


XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL


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